Re-Opening After COVID-19

We are opening to the public. Our hours will be: 8 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday, and 9 am to 1 pm on Saturdays.

If you have Aluminum Cans, Plastics, and Glass for California redemption value (CRV) they must be drained and separated prior to entering the gates. All liquids should be removed from plastic bottles prior to coming to our facility, we cannot have customers sorting and draining their material on our grounds. 

If your material has lids and no fluid is present, we will still accept your material. However, if fluids are present, we will ask you to take and re-sort your material off premises.

We will have employees stopping all vehicles entering the gate to verify your CRV material is separated and drained.

What we mean by separated is:

Cans must be kept separate from plastic and drained of all fluids.

All plastics must be drained, separated by number. Example: #1 PET plastics with #1 PET plastics, #2 HDPE plastic with #2 HDPE plastics, etc.

Glass must be sorted by colors: brown and green may be mixed together, but clear glass should only be with clear glass.

If you have non ferrous material, it must be sorted prior to entry as well.

Our biggest challenge as we open will be the cans, plastics, and glass. If your material is sorted prior to entry the process will go smoother and faster for all customers.

We will only have 1 lane going through the building for CRV, social distancing of 6 feet will be required. Please do not go ahead of other customers to grab our containers until your vehicle is inside of the building.

The 100 pound limit per day still applies to cans and plastics. The limit is 1,000 pounds per day for glass. If you go over the amounts allowed by CA law, your material will have to be purchased as scrap.

Please call with any questions.

We are very excited to be able to serve our community again!

26 thoughts on “Re-Opening After COVID-19

  1. I need appointment because a have a box truck and i have to coordinate with the tow truck because they charge per hour, and I am try to minimize the charge ,i want to tell the tow truck driver go in drop the truck and get out


  2. I have a variety of scrap metal and cardboard. Do you take these items?
    Lopi wood burning stove.
    Propane counter mounted Cooktop, electric oven, trash compactor, propane dryer.


  3. Do you make exceptions on your 100 lb limit? i am doing a fundraiser for our local high school and more than 100 lbs and live 50miles away


  4. Do I have to remove tires/wheels from old wheelbarrows, bicycle, hand truck before bringing in, and do you take hot water heater and metal siding?


      1. Thank you. It was confusing because above it says, “…lids should be removed…”. So I made sure of that and I didn’t even have to. I had 18 bins full of plastic bottles. Wish I had gotten your response before I went. Luckily, 99% of the bottles already had their caps removed beforehand because I used go to the other smaller Jolly Giant places in town and they required caps off.


  5. Do you accept green house style aluminum tubing if not do you know where I can take it


  6. Do you take old copper tubing that we dug out of the ground by our house. Also, I have a bag of insulated copper wire, do I have to strip it?


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